• Freq: 2300-2400MHz
  • Ports: 4
  • Beamwidth: 45⁰
  • Gain dBi: 14.5
  • Tilt: eRET
  • Primary Family: Panel


PANEL antennas are the most commonly used solution for designing wireless networks. Alpha Wireless provides a wide array of solutions to meet the needs of the most intricate deployment requirements. This antenna has reduced Azimuth Sidelobes (<25dB) making it the ideal antenna for 6 sectored high capacity sites.

Ordering Information:

  • AW3740-E-F              Enclosed Remote Electrical Tilt (eRET) with 4.3-10 Connectors


  • Enclosed Remote Electrical Up Tilt of 4 to 18 degrees.
  • Mount Kit with variable tilt included.
  • Manufactured in Ireland.


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