• Frequency: 5925-6875 MHz
  • Ports: 8
  • Beamwidth: 60°
  • Gain dBi: 18.0
  • Tilt: eRET
  • Primary Family: Canister
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The AW3894 is an eight-port panel antenna that has been developed for six-sector site applications across the U-NII 5, 6, and 7 (5925 – 6875 MHz) radio bands. Each AW3894 houses two four port sectors with 60° Azimuth separation. When combined with two other AW3894 panels positioned at 120° Azimuth separation, this results in 360° Azimuth coverage with sectors positioned at every 60°.

Combining two form factor reduces antenna count on the tower which saves in tower rental cost. The antenna comes with radio mounting and protective cover for two 4 port radios and one GPS antennas. The sector has four ports with vertical and horizontal polarization and is compatible with 4×4 multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) for maximum throughput. The antenna has been optimized for three channel frequency reuse using three AW3802 (six x 60° sectors) panels on one tower.

The AW3894 panel antenna’s 25” height and 12” width provides a compact solution that occupies minimal tower space. Its adjustable and rugged mounting brackets allow smooth adjustment of the elevation downtilt from 0° to 10° and are built for all-weather operation.

Panel antennas are the most used solution to provide directive coverage in a wireless network. These panel antennas offer multiple ports and frequency bands and are designed to deliver high gain across the sector. They are commonly available with 33°, 45°, 60°, 90°, and 120° beamwidths.  Alpha Wireless provides a wide array of sector panel solutions that meet the needs of the most intricate deployment requirements.

Ordering Information:

  • AW3894-T2-H


  • Covers U-NII 5, 6, 7 Bands between 5.925 – 6.875GHz
  • Two 4 port sectors orientated at 60° Azimuth separation
  • Mounting points on back of antenna for two ePMP 4000 Cambium Radios
  • Horizontal and Vertical antenna polarisation for use with the ePMP 4000
  • Reverse Polarity SMA Port Connectors.
  • Compact form factor at 23″ height and 12″ width that occupies minimal tower space
  • Optimized for MU-MIMO and maximum throughput
  • Mounting bracket with variable elevation tilt (included) and external GPS antenna fixture
  • Allows rapid replacement of radio after antenna has been mounted to pole
  • Manufactured in Ireland


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