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White Papers

White Paper 3.5 GHz – 5G

In the unrelenting cycle of breakneck change, accelerated by the proliferation of the Internet, mobile operators find themselves in an unprecedented situation - supporting the demand for progressive enhancement of network performance while, in parallel, sustaining an erosion of revenue from [...]

Antenna quality impacts mobile network performance

Antenna quality impacts mobile network performance Poor quality antennas are now a major limiting factor in the performance of high capacity mobile networks. So why do operators often ignore them? Customers are demanding more from mobile networks every day, while operators struggle to keep up with [...]

Alpha Wireless Antennas helps Operator increase Sector Capacity

Alpha Wireless helps operator increase sector capacity. Mezon (www.mezon.lt) is a wireless broadband operator based in Lithuania. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of TeleCentras, the Lithuanian TV and Radio network (www.lrtc.lt). Mezon was experiencing unacceptable interference in parts of its network. They identified this [...]

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