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Mobile and fixed wireless service providers face a daunting task of satisfying growing demand for coverage and capacity while minimising the cost to serve. The old models of network deployment are no longer sustainable, and Alpha Wireless is addressing this by changing the way wireless networks are built.

Alpha Wireless offers a full range of antenna solutions – an overview of our product families.

Product Families


Preassembled, flexible tri-sector cannisters including 700MHz – 2.6GHz spectrum.


CAN, rCAN and Shrouds include 700MHz – 3.5GHz spectrum configurations.


Beam forming support for 8 port antennas includes 4×4 and 8×8 MIMO.

Small Cell

3.5GHz, 2.6GHz, 2.1GHz and 800MHz to drive small cell deployments includes Sectors, Omnis and Back to Back.

Special Apps

Integrated, Signage and Billboards.

We are proud to be known as an innovator within the industry, and strive to not only understand the technical challenges that our customers face, but also their business challenges. Where antenna solutions do not exist, we are committed to creating them to provide our customers with what they need.

Our customers have come to rely on our expertise and our responsiveness, and we go above and beyond to ensure they get the best result. We love what we do.

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Our Management Team

Fergal Lawlor
Chairman, Director, CEO

Founded Alpha Wireless in 2007. Through his leadership the company has grown to be recognized as a leading innovator of carrier-grade antenna solutions.

“The secret of our success is collaboration with our customers. We build antenna solutions that are not only technically superior, but also address business and operational challenges.”

Estela de Benito
Chief Financial Officer

Joined Alpha Wireless in 2012 and is responsible for Alpha Wireless financial discipline and fact-based decision making.

“In order for Alpha to maintain its agility and quickly serve our customers needs, we must continue to maintain a solid financial foundation.”

Michal Svarc
VP Engineering

Joined Alpha Wireless in 2012 and directs antenna solutions design.

“Antenna design is part science and part art. My team’s extensive experience has allowed us to create high-performance solutions through truly innovative designs.”

Stephen Wall
Production Manager

Joined Alpha Wireless in 2010 and is charged with guaranteeing quantity and quality from the production team.

“Alpha is blessed with a talented, hardworking and cohesive production team. We take pride in crafting the finest antennas solutions.”

Fiona Lindsay
Human Resources Director (Global)

Joined Alpha Wireless in 2014 and is in charge of staffing and skills development.

“The strength of the Alpha family is no accident. By taking care of the welfare of our team members, we take care of our customers.”

James Findlay
Quality Manager

Joined Alpha Wireless in 2018. James manages the quality processes in Alpha that guarantee the quality and reliability of our products.

“Quality is not something you add to a product. Quality is the result of thoughtful design, superior execution and ongoing process improvement. I am charged with upholding the reputation of Alpha Wireless as high-quality, carrier-grade producer of antenna solutions. At Alpha quality is designed and built in!”