20 02, 2020

An Overview of the forthcoming Irish Spectrum Auction.


This article serves as an overview of the key developments in ComReg’s proposed “Multi-Band Spectrum Award”. Please note that the details discussed are subject to change as the consultation process is ongoing and a draft Information Memorandum is […]

12 02, 2020

Understanding the emergence of Private Enterprise Networks

The transformation of the enterprise into a connectivity-driven ecosystem has introduced radically new challenges for every industry vertical. Whether it is a factory, farm or mining environment, there is a common need to provide bespoke wireless networks that […]

6 12, 2019

Fixed Wireless Access is a Prime Use Case for CBRS

In an industry characterised by constant evolution and revolution, striving for breakthroughs in wireless performance is simply not enough. To stay afloat, operators need to plot a path to monetisation, extracting value from not just the underlying network […]


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