19 04, 2021

Analysis: The Neutral Host Model is Sprouting Wings.

The trifecta of shared spectrum, small cells and emerging technologies such as eSIM and edge computing are making neutral host mobile networks a reality. Enterprises and dedicated solution providers see a market ripe for change, and one in which wireless […]

11 02, 2021

Private LTE: Momentum is building with Shared Spectrum

The trifecta of shared spectrum, edge computing and small cells are acting as a breeding ground for the creation of private wireless networks. Industry verticals, from mining to logistics, today require bespoke on-premise connectivity solutions to cater to the […]

16 10, 2020

Examining the Edge Computing Opportunity for Telcos

This is the first article in a two-part series examining the edge computing opportunity for telecoms operators and hyperscale cloud providers.  


Fixed and mobile operators find themselves at an inflection point, both in terms of […]


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